Jul 16, 2024  
Missouri State University Catalogs 
Missouri State University Catalogs

Missouri State University Catalogs

The Missouri State University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs (hereby referred to as the “Catalogs”) are the official source of information regarding the University’s academic programs and courses. The catalogs serve as a guide, in conjunction with regular academic advising and a student’s degree audit, in planning a course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation.

The catalogs are published annually in the Spring for the following academic year, which begins in the Fall. Although course offerings and academic requirements at Missouri State University are continually under examination and revision, the catalogs are updated only once per year. This annual revision procedure helps ensure that users of the catalogs will not find unexpected changes during their academic planning processes.

The Missouri State Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs are not irrevocable contracts. Information published in them is subject to change by the University at any time without notice.

Publication Schedule

The Missouri State University curriculum year begins in August and ends in May, with curricular updates generally fully implemented prior to the beginning of the fall semester. New programs will not be listed in the catalogs until full state and accreditation approvals are complete. The catalogs will only have one publication, but content updates will be made until all curricular approvals are fully implemented for the curriculum year.

The 2024-2025 catalogs now reflect all curricular updates. Faculty tenure/promotion and per course faculty listings will be updated prior to October 1st. Otherwise, the publication of both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs is complete for the 24-25 catalog year. 

Catalog Year Requirements

The requirements specified in the catalogs apply to students who commence their studies at Missouri State University during that academic year and who remain in continuous enrollment (no enrollment interruption longer than 12 consecutive months) at the institution until they graduate. If requirements for a major, minor, program, or certificate are changed in the catalog, students remain by default under the old requirements. However, students may elect to follow these new requirements by requesting a change to their catalog year. Students unsure of which catalog to use should consult with their advisor.

What’s New This Year? 

New/Delete/Changed programs not yet fully approved by the state and/or accreditation will not appear in the catalogs until receipt of that approval.

Curriculum appearing for the first time in this catalog includes:

Academic Areas:

  • The department of Geography, Geology, and Planning has been renamed as the School of Earth, Environment & Sustainability.
  • The departments of Merchandising and Fashion Design & Technology and Construction Management have merged to create the School of Construction, Design and Project Management.
  • The college of McQueary Health and Human Services has added two new schools, School of Health Care Professions and School of Health Sciences. 

New Undergraduate Majors

  • Esports-BS (non-comprehensive)
  • Career and Technical Education-BSED (comprehensive)
  • Data Science-BS (non-comprehensive)

New Graduate Degree:

  • Business Administration-MBA - STEM 

Significant Program Updates:

  • Merchandising and Fashion Product Development-BS (comprehensive) title changed to: Digital Fashion and Merchandising
  • Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration-BS (comprehensive) title changed to: Sport and Recreation Administration
  • Exercise and Movement Science-BS title changed to: Exercise Science (comprehensive)  
  • Master of Science in Nursing deleted options Nurse Educator and Population Leadership and added options Adult Gerontology-Acute Care, Practice Leadership,  and Psychiatric-Mental Health Practitioner; Family Nurse Practitioner option remains  
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice deleted options Nurse Educator and Population Health, added Adult Gerontology-Acute Care, Practice Leadership, and Psychiatric Mental Health options; Family Nurse Practitioner option remains; Post-Master’s renamed to Leadership  

Discontinued Programs:

  • Economics-BS (non-comprehensive)
  • Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration-BS (non-comprehensive)

Course Code Updates:

  • FCS changed to CTE
  • MCL changed to LCR
  • MFD changed to DFM
  • REC changed to SPR
  • New course code: TOU (Tourism)
  • New course code: SAG (Sociology, Anthropology and Gerontology)

This list is not a comprehensive inventory of all curriculum updates for 2024-2025. For questions regarding specific updates, search the full catalogs prior to contacting the appropriate academic area.